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Liberation for thousands of male calves our major successful achievement!

A whole year of intensive efforts has resulted in the incredible and happy news of the authorities backing our eight-year-long effort in regarding to auctioning off male calves.

On February 14th, it was the happiest moment for us as the Honorable Minister of Endowments declared the stop of the auctions of male calves that keep being donated by villagers.

The Simhachalam Temple has stopped selling the baby calves who have suffered untold misery all of these years. We are continuing our education efforts continuing into procuring their adoption and alternative use. These 12 months of intensive efforts have brought down the numbers of the “offerings” to almost zero.

Thousands of male calves dying at the temple due to starvation and malnutrition.

This cow “owner” was convinced to keep this beautiful bull for life, where economically he can benefit by using his cow dung for fuel. Before our campaign, the previous tradition was to leave him at the temple where he would be sold via the back door to middlemen and then to butchers.

The cows are adopted to needy farmers.

Education and awareness programmes in the villages conducted by the “Cattle Respect Program” team.

Habitat loss for endangered sea turtles

As we enter our 18th year of protection of these special beings our biggest gain of protecting their nesting beaches is being taken over by more human development and sand loss! We warned the authorities years ago when they put the Submarine museum on the beach that it would result in serious habitat loss for our sea turtles. The erosion is now severe as we struggle to maintain our sea turtle nesting areas which are now in danger!

Severe erosion on the beach gravely impacts sea turtles.

Shelter restoration after cyclone

With climate change upon us we are facing severe threats from cyclones. Every cyclone, the destruction is full of different problems and issues. But the worst victims of this national disaster are the animals; whether domestic or wild they face the brunt. They are at the mercy of ignorant owners while the street animals are at the mercy of disaster directly.

Our worry has been to look after rescue services to three coastal districts of 1000km and 1500 resident animals in two major shelters. Thanks to your support, our shelters are built to withstand the ferocity of such disaster and we have been able to protect the inmates of our shelter.

Destruction does happen to structures even though they are built most specifically to withstand such problems, it is the wear and tear we have to build against and thus our experience goes in building it stronger for the animals protection. We are always grateful for your past kind help. Support is most needed to continuing to strengthen and repair our Shelter1 and Kindness Farm.

One our rescued dog, Rani, before and after treatment by or vets.

At left: a rescued pug named Google, found on the street, abandoned by his owner due to skin problems, and now doing fine. At right: a parrot, rescued from cruelty and now living at our aviary, recovering before release

In 2014 have no choice but to confidently stride ahead into more areas, tackle more issues and win them all in favour of our animals.

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