Dear well-wisher and supporters,

We have many updates for you on our activities in the first few months of this year.

(WARNING: disturbing photo displayed below.)

The illegal killing of street dogs by authorities

Devoid of any infrastructural facilities to conduct sterilization programs, and in order to address complaints about street dogs from the community, the local authorities are resorting to illegal methods to control the street dog population, which are gruesome and highly illegal as per the Indian Laws and Rules pertaining to the management of street dogs. These illegal steps are being very religiously followed. Our animal friends have finally caught them red-handed and filed a case with the police, after which the authorities assured us that they would follow the rules and regulation very diligently in the future.

Street dogs killed by authorities

Sea turtle nesting at Visakha urban coast

The sea turtle nestings for the 2014 – 2015 season far surpasses last year's records. As of today the Visakha Urban Beach has 319 nestings with an estimated 40,000+ eggs collected, dispelling all fears and doubts about HUDHUD having a negative effect on nestings. The bigger issue remains the sea erosion is because of the illegal constructions on the beach and activities pertaining to tourism development.

Olive Ridley Turtle laying eggs at Visakha urban beach.

Illegal slaughtering and transportation

This has been our most sensitive of our efforts. Despite very strong laws, the rampant and highly-illegal transportation of cattle continuous unabated, as does the illegal slaughtering, at different places and different times, always conducted in secret. With the help of police we are trying to stop these heinous crimes our raids with the police continue. While some areas stop, some new ones appear and we continue to keep a strict vigil while the rescue efforts move on.

A truck load of cattle rescued and brought to Kindness Farm

Rescuing cats from star hotels

We have begun our cat protection program, and the first organized effort has been to rescue the cats from the star hotels. Our team found that hotel cats congregate in large groups at the left over store place in the hotels. In order to remove the cats, the ignorant hoteliers contact the very nomads against whom we filed cases in the past. However, with our designated team the cats are being rescued from these vulnerable areas.

One of the many cats rescued from star hotels

Turtle protection and conservation meetings

Visakhapatnam has hosted two separate workshops and meetings wich were part of the effort enhance turtle protection across India. On March 28th and 29th we had the Turtle Action Group meeting at the YMCA; then on April 15th - 17th we had a workshop at Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Rushikonda Visakhapatnam. All of us are very concerned about sea beach erosion, habitat loss, and non-implementation of the Turtle Excluder device - without which every year thousands are dying due to the trawling activities. Implementation and monitoring is the key.

Turtle Action Group meeting and sea turtle workshop by UNDP at Rushikonda

Work in our shelter and rehabilitation after Cyclone Hudhud

The challenge to cope with the aftermath of Cyclone Hudhudare immeasurable. We have gathered courage and inspiration from one another's efforts, andcontinue to overcome the severe shortages of materials, feed and medicines; their exhorbitant price; and the total green cover loss. We are meeting our deadlines as best we can under these limitation. We continue to plead for support to rebuild, to restore and continue to save the distressed ones.

During and after Cyclone Hudhud

Dealing with summer

Yes, the summer is here, the hot winds are blowing, and the scorching sun as predicted is to go beyond 42ºC or 107.6ºF with 100% humidity. With 90% green cover loss not only in shelters but also throughout the city, the birds and the street animals are in for a severe struggle to live. We lost many of our street animal water bowls during the cyclone and thus we continue to seek support for this volunteer project to provide water bowls all across the whole 100km radius.

Thirsty dog wandering for water in scorching heat

Kindness Mobile Restaurant

We have continued to provide nutritious vegan meals to the poor during and after the cyclone, without compromising on the quality of the meals due to shortages and higher food prices.

Vegan meal packets distributed to a group of people on the street

We are facing serious challenge to over come the untold destructions caused by the HUD-HUD cyclone and also the uncertain climatic conditions. We will not lose heart and we will stand by the animals during this very difficult times and in this region at all times of the year. Your support is always inspirational and motivational for us. making a big difference and also instilling confidence in us.

Rescued Ones

Parrot babies rescued from the middlemen who train them to be used by roadside astrologers. These three are now under special care in our shelter.

Kittens rescued from the hotels under Cat Protection Programme sponsored by NetAP and ably supported by Help Animals India.

We still are continuing to rescue the temple calves suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration with very fewer chances of survival. They are under our special care and need your kind support.

We are very grateful to your continued faith and support and ask you to be an active part of our efforts for the animals in distress.

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