This is an anniversary year for VSPCA – 10 years!

And it could not have happened without all of you. We are eternally grateful to everyone who has helped us in so many different ways.

Cows eating cake

Birthday celebrants enjoying the special cake.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake: made of hay, tomatoes, beans, carrots, special feed, jaggery (a type of unrefined sugar – dark and rich in vitamins and minerals), green grass.

Workers getting gifts

All of the workers received a special meal (wrapped as a gift as it is done in the fancy hotels)

All of us at VSPCA

All of us together.

All adding together to make the below differences to our completely distressed region for the animals which is now vastly improving through your kind help.

Here is how we celebrated on 30th of June, all of the time with thanks to you all in mind.

Summing up the last ten years we have:

  • saved countless dogs from painful deaths
  • and over 1,000 cattle and buffaloes with many rehomed
  • saved hundreds of sea turtles and released more than 280,000 hatchlings into the ocean
  • stopped dolphin poaching
  • rescued hundreds of various kinds of parakeets, mynahs, crows, migratory birds and many other Indian bird species
  • stopped the exploitations of cobras and other snakes,
  • stopped the illegal trading of wild animals such as dolphins, sea turtles, monitor lizards, wild boar, snakes, parakeets, jackals, deer, hare, star tortoises, migratory birds, and catching of animals for circus like lions, bears and tigers
  • have setup the cat dispensary and begun the Animal Birth Control (ABC) for the cats,
  • ABC for street dogs is now over 24000 dogs covered since 1999,
  • able to maintain mobile ambulances at all times,
  • we are now an efficient team for natural disasters,
  • the tsunami and cyclone/flood disasters have allowed us to attend to thousands of domestic animals and created an unique bondage with the rural people,
  • shelter is a special habitat for all animals be they domestic or wild and this has been planned within the 2 acres allotted us so far in a former wasteland area of government land,
  • we have transformed the area into a place of alternatives, using the byproducts of the cattle for producing biogas, vermicompost, natural pesticides and medicines,
  • we trained the interested people, mostly the farmers, for better care of their animals and taught them more productive ways
  • many awareness and education programmes including outreach to schools, etc.
  • many of the above and more involved legal battles for the animals,
  • and above all a shelter of peace and comfort for more than 815 animals presently.

All this was possible with fierce determination, ruthless commitments, vigor and focused attention.

Despite serious hindrances and with every disaster VSPCA has done all this for the betterment of the animals.

With all of the above positive achievements we hesitate to mention but we must also tell you honestly of the current hardships and challenges.

  • A new raging fever in our entire region (debilitating but not fatal) affecting many of our workers.
  • Heavy rain flooding and inundating many villages to the north (we are sending survey teams now to assess the situation and assist the animals in some of the areas that we have been to previously – more on this shortly) and also making conditions at the shelter difficult.
  • Constant worries of the budget shortfall. This last is our greatest burden of all.

Conveying our most sincere gratitude and affectionate concern for all our friends worldwide,
Pradeep Nath and all at VSPCA

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