Dear well-wishers and supporters,

We are extremely pleased with the positive verdict by the Andhra Pradesh High Court, which has banned plastic bags in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

VSPCA has long fought for a ban on plastic bags due to their terrible effect on cows when they eat these bags which are littered through the streets of India.

During and after an operation: The amount of plastics removed from the stomach of cow is unbelievable!

The fight against plastic bags has been going for many years, and after ban on colored plastics in the year 2000, this new verdict has come to ban all plastic bags thinner than 40 microns in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Although our fight is to ban plastic bags of all kinds, we are still happy to receive the decision in our favour. This is indication that we are definitely progressing towards our ultimate goal of banning all plastic bags in the near future.

This latest decision ban will surely help to make India a better place for all living beings in it. There is a huge campaign going on around the nation to clean up and prevent plastic waste, and this court decision is much welcomed.

We are also a part of Plastic Cow case in India's Supreme Court which has been going on since 2012, and we hope to get a good verdict in support of banning plastic bags around whole nation. Of course such a decision would be just the first step - the implementation of such a law is another matter, and we will remain vigilant in acting on behalf of all the beings who suffer due to this plastic waste to see these laws carried out in practice. Please support us in our efforts!

Some of our critical rescues

(WARNING: some graphic photos follow)

A parakeet who had been forced to live in a tiny box now enjoys this natural habitat in our shelter. We are continuing to rescues parakeets which are tortured and used for commercial purposes by street astrologers.

We rescued this dog with a wire around his neck, cutting deep inside, and removed the wire. Cruelty cases seem to be never-ending, but we are very grateful to the animal lovers in our society who inform us about such cases and help us help these animals in distress.

This dog with a huge tumor was rescued and successfully operated on. He is now under our special care in shelter. We receive many cases of tumour dogs and some are extremely critical to operate, like this pedigree dog that has been abandoned by his owner because of his tumour.

Of late there has been a spate of animal rescues from critical situations. As we have more success rescuing and treating these animals, it encourages us to attempt and rescue more. Below you can see some photos of recent critical rescues, all of whom survived thanks to our vigilant teams reaching them on time.

Unfortunately, each one of these critical cases has happened due to human negligence or abuse. With human population expansion into all corners of the country, there seems no place left for the animals, and the increase specifically in the dog population is directly related to the increase in human population. Our efforts will continue, and your support inspires and motivates us to move ahead confidently.

Left: a dog whose leg was injured when run over by a vehicle. Right: A nose injury case.

Left: a dog brought to us with a huge tumour on his head. Right: VSPCA tending to a cow who suffered a hit-and-run on the highway.

We are very grateful to your continued faith and support and ask you to be an active part of our efforts for the animals in distress.

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