Dear well-wishers and supporters,

2016 has been a very challenging year for us in trying to expand and consolidate our ongoing projects in an effort to acheive greater success for the animals in our region. Thankfully we have had the blessings and best wishes of supporters like you, who have stood by and helped us to overcome the incredible hurdles and meet all our obligations with determination and commitment.

We promise to do much more, and perform better in 2017, covering more areas and providing justice to more animals with your ongoing support.

As 2016 marks VSPCA's 20th anniversary, we wanted to offer some statistics on the animals we have helped in our 20 years.

Sea turtle protection and conservation
Baby turtles released into the ocean (since 1996)
Street dogs spayed, neutered and vaccinated (since 1998) 117,000
Street cats spayed and neutered (since 2000) 163
Kindness Mobile Restaurant
Vegan meals distributed to the homeless
Water bowls for street animals
(average # of animals benefitting)
Male calves saved from the from Simhachalam Temples 15,400
Lost animals rehomed 11,070
Animals seized from illegal transport 734
Cobras liberated 232
Star Tortoises saved 83
Lions and Bears saved from circuses 24
Wetland species animals saved (since 2000) 19,000
Parrots saved from astrologers (since 2000) 874
Monitor lizards saved 37

Some highlights from our most-successful projects

  • A total end to the hunting of wildlife in our region.
  • A total end to the hunting of sea turtles.
  • A total end to animal sacrifice in Visakhapatnam City.
  • A total end to the use of cobras for religious purposes.
  • A total end to the exploitation of parrots by astrologers in the city.
  • A total end to the killing of dogs since 1998.
  • A total end to the hunting of migratory birds since 2000.
  • A total end to the auctioning of male calves by Temple authorities since 2000.
  • A total end to the hunting of dolphins since 2001.
  • A total end to the use of animals for experimentation in our region.

These successes would not have been possible without your kind support. We ask for your continuing help in 2017 so we may expand our reach and help even more animals.

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