Dear friends and supporters of VSPCA,

MariaWe do wish we could “save the world” but for now we are saving a lot of helpless and sweet animals, like Maria here – a face to launch hearts.

Just now we have an extremely helpful volunteer who came from the states – Abigail Cromwell. Abigail wrote about the efforts to save Maria after her accident and subsequent rescue in the VSPCA ambulance:


It has been several days now and Maria still cannot use her hind legs. The injury to her spinal column is severe. Maria walks using only her front legs. She drags her lower body on the floor. One of the problems this creates is that she is bruising her back knees and the tops of her back feet because they are always dragging on the ground.

VSPCA has performed over 70,000 ABC (animal birth control) operations for our in-city dogs and now we need to help more pups like Maria in our rural villages. We are just finishing a successful ABC program for the street dogs just north of our city at Bheemli where we will soon complete spay/neuter/vaccinate for over 1880 dogs through a generous grant from the Mayhew International Animal Home.

Please pledge your support for our program to help more rural dogs – only USD $10 per dog. As you may not be able to come to India to volunteer, we will do the work for you and help these dogs. We must raise $10,000 to begin this new project!

If we cannot meet this target it means that more pups like Maria will suffer and perhaps die all alone. And the VSPCA ambulance may not always be called to help – we were lucky this time.

From some of our many other recent rescues:


Here is Vijaya – he spent three days in this water tank before a villager phoned us for his rescue.

Rescued ParrotThis is one of six more Ringneck parakeets we rescued from the street astrologers, who, after poaching them, kept these birds all day long in very small cages or wooden boxes. Our constant vigilance has prevented this cruel and illegal business.

These parakeets survived a terrible heatwave of over 44ºC (111ºF). VSPCA has rescued many hundreds of these beautiful birds – we rehabilitate them and when (and if) they are well enough we release them to live freely in our eco-sanctuary.



Read the rest of Maria’s story here.

Mother and Calf

Read more exceptional blog entries from Abigail about our buffaloes and cows.

We are very grateful to our current supporters – both long-term and new alike! We remember that you all are compassionate people who care so much about the animals when we write these appeals.

On behalf of all at VSPCA,
Eileen Weintraub
VSPCA Volunteer for Global Outreach

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