Dear supporters and well-wishers,

Torrential rain in the rural areas has wreaked havoc! We have done our best to help with few resources on hand as flooding in the month of July in our rural areas brought submersion of hundreds of villages, dozens of human deaths and hundreds of thousands of animal deaths.

Meanwhile, our state of Andhra Pradesh is going to split into two. This means ongoing social strife, strikes and unstable conditions, sadly putting concerns for the environment and the animals to the back of people's minds.

Of course, being activists for the animals, every day is filled with rescues and ongoing work, whatever the conditions. Rest assured we will take every opportunity to document and tell you about it on our Facebook page.

Another unfortunate entry into our Special Needs Facility which has been specifically setup to take in blind or old and paraplegia dogs. This sweetie (right) was left abandoned because she is blind and we will look after her for life, will you help? We have named her "Helen Keller".

Life or Death for Baby Calves

Our VSPCA has rescued 222 calves that were donated to temples as religious offerings. Being separated from mothers at 2 days old they were totally deprived of vitally needed nourishment. As a result they are hovering between life and death; many are blind.

Intensive work 24/7 to save lives!

We are facing one of our biggest challenges and victories and we are still busy 24/7 with emergency works to save the "Temple" calves and change this age old practice of calf abandonment which leads to their doom with education efforts such as below, people reading the new guidelines in their home towns.

And we are kept busy treating hundreds of calves from dying of Foot and Mouth disease, compounded by the wet weather; our life has not been easy!

Finally there is some respite in the devotees of the temple not "donating " their unwanted male calves due to our education efforts. However the special care we're giving is costing about $200.00 per day until we can rehabilitate and place the healthy calves needless to say we are desperate to receive help and we cannot express our gratitude enough to receive your assistance.

All of our other lifesaving projects are ongoing for the dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, buffaloes, birds, wildlife and sea turtles. If you haven't seen our year-end and activity report and new 2013 Sea Turtle report, they are now both online for you to read.

More lifesaving rescues

We were unable to save 20 lives in a truck accident but did manage to save 7 precious lives! See the full account here on our Facebook page.

Survivors of these seven magnificent Ongle bulls now at our shelter.

The unfortunate accident, after which VSPCA worked feverishly to save the lucky seven bulls who survived.

Unlike other areas of India we do not have good English speakers with us all of the time to share our hard work and news online. We were fortunate to have two wonderful vet students volunteering from UC Davis recently and the account is shared on their blog.

Here are a few of our several hundred rescued dogs who now have our love and attention with Ms. P.Simhachalam one of our 63 dedicated shelter workers. This was her first job outside the home – VSPCA is helping people with employment and teaching a lifestyle of kindness for the entire community.

Please help us in our hour of desperate need with any small amount to keep our projects going strongly and to keeping showing our community that animals matter too!

Our rescued buffaloes say “We are not camera shy and proud to be valued as individuals now here at the Kindness Farm!” Thanks to you!

One of many new projects to house, protect and save more animals coming up at the Kindness Farm!

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