To all of our friends:

Since 1996, the Visakha Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA) has been hard at work determined to improve the conditions for animals in India. The VSPCA works to stop the illegal trade in internationally protected sea turtles, rescues cows and water buffalo too old or injured to be kept by their previous owners, as well as provides permanent happy sanctuary to hundreds of dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, horses, rabbits, tortoises, ducks and other animals (a current total of 1081) who had been suffering severe abuse or neglect.

Cat project

Our advanced cat project home to 63 cats and growing


VSPCA has helped thousands of street dogs in Andhra Pradesh

We have provided spay and neuter procedures, as well as vaccines and health checks, to more than 70,000 street dogs. The population of street dogs in this area is smaller, healthier and ever shrinking as a result of this wonderful program.

Animals still slip through the cracks, however, and puppies are occasionally born on the city streets. Maria was just such a call. A tiny puppy, barely 5 weeks old, she was hit by a car and paralyzed.


Where some organizations might euthanize an animal under these conditions, the VSPCA provided Maria medical care, vaccines, and treatment. Maria had no other injuries or ailments. She was a loving and healthy puppy, as adorable as any puppy would be. She grew and blossomed in her new happy sanctuary. But she could not walk and dragged her hind legs everywhere she went. Even paralyzed, Maria would run and play, but she was developing sores on her knees.

However, through a recent international effort, Maria now has a tiny cart just her size!

Maria in cart

She can run and play and have a life that would never have been available to her. Were it not for the VSPCA she would have suffered and died on the side of a city street.

Until all the street dogs are spayed and neutered, there will always be Marias out there. Little puppies who deserve every chance at life that can be offered. The staff and vets of the VSPCA are truly dedicated to improving the lives of all the animals who cross their paths.

Please help us continue our work for all the Maria’s we hope to save!

GeorgeGorgeous George the water buffalo was hit by a car and was found lying in a road, unmoving. The VSPCA SOS team was called to rescue him and they brought him to the shelter. George continued to suffer from shock for some time, would not eat and was terrified of anyone coming near him.

But now, many months later, he has recovered and is a happy and engaging fellow! At the shelter he has a terrific life in the large animal area, with both a covered area of stalls and a large back field where he can roam with his pals. Apart from looking forward to being sponsored, he is really looking forward to going to our new land called Kindness Farm where there will be a pond for him to bathe in.

George as well as many others are available for your kind sponsorship on our website.

VSPCA boothAt two recent USA animal rights conferences – Animal Rights 2010 and Taking Action for Animals – Help Animals India/VSPCA was fortunate to be able to represent VSPCA. If you joined our email list at that time many thanks!

I gave a short speech about the abuse of India’s animals, for a copy by word document please email us and we would be pleased to send it to you.

We are very grateful to all new friends and all of you, each and everyone, who have had the faith and confidence in us that has allowed us to serve all the wonderful and deserving animals who we have been able to save so far.

Please continue to support us so that we can help many more!

On behalf of all at VSPCA,
Eileen Weintraub
VSPCA Volunteer for Global Outreach

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