To all our friends and supporters:

We’ve had a very busy and trying summer, and wanted to keep you up-to-date on what we’ve been doing to make the lives of both animals and people easier in our state of Andhra Pradesh.

Anti-Rabies Vaccination

Young boy with puppy

VSPCA has been coordinating a vaccine program with ABC India (a teaching-and-training program) in parts of Andhra Pradesh (AP) where several people have now died as a result of a renewed rabies crisis in the area. So far VSPCA has successfully vaccinated 12,000 dogs at a cost of $1 each, but there are many thousands more still to be vaccinated. Dogs are frequently beaten to death as people fear that the animals carry rabies, and we can minimise this risk by ensuring that the dogs are vaccinated and sterilised. Remember – just $1 will vaccinate a dog – thus saving it and the residents from the possibility of a painful death. Please help!

Right: this little boy brought his puppy to us for vaccination. Without our help, he and the pup would have been at risk.

Humane Dog Handling Training Program

VSPCA and ABC India have launched a Humane Animal Handling Program which utilises the more humane butterfly net catching system rather than the pole and noose which may violate animal welfare standards. The Government of AP is training state employees to use this new system when catching dogs for vaccination and neutering which we hope will be an effective role model for other states in India.

Training for humane dog catching

Above: state employees being trained on how to humanely catch dogs using butterfly nets.

Help Indian cats!

After we have sterilised the cats we cannot release them into the community as they are often poached by hunters. We want to thank Help Animals India, Olive Walker and Nanette for contributing to the dedicated cat facility which currently shelters 300 cats and kittens. We always need extra room as more and more cats require safety, shelter and food. Can you help us achieve this?

Cats at VSPCA

More cattle rescued from illegal slaughterhouse

Over the years we have saved many cows and calves from illegal slaughterhouses which continue to operate. With your help we can rescue, treat and house the cattle, saving them from a very cruel and often protracted death.

Cow rescued from illegal slaughter

Above: one of the cows recently rescued from an illegal slaughter operation.

Success story for rare Olive Ridley turtles

Visakhapatnam is an important nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle. VSPCA, TREE Foundation, the AP Forest Department and the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust in Australia are working together to protect sea turtles along the coast of Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam.

Rscued sea turtles

Above: Olive Ridley turtle hatchlings ready to be released into the Bay of Bengal.

These protected coastal hatcheries are necessary because of on-going disruption to the turtles due to tourist developments, beach activities, artificial light, pollution and predators. The first batch of hatchlings were released into the Bay of Bengal in April this year and so far more than 188 nestings have been sighted. Protection officers have been employed to protect the sea turtles and their nests and we continue our awareness campaign in local fishing villages.

VSPCA is expanding as we try to keep up with the daily challenges of animal welfare in a poor society. We are currently looking after over 1200 animals at our shelter as well as carrying out daily rescues, working with Government to enforce animal protection laws, carrying out vital ABC and anti-rabies vaccinations and at the same time running outreach and education programs.

We can only continue with your help.

Rescued monkey

Above: an abused monkey recently rescued and treated by VSPCA.

If you are able to support us by setting up regular donations it helps us tremendously to plan for the future. However, you can donate we are very grateful for the vital help you can give!

Again, thank you for your ongoing support. With continuing heartfelt gratitude,
Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals

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