Dear well-wishers and supporters,

Thank you for standing by us!

We entered an enriching and hopeful year for the Animal Liberation movement. The first few months hold much potential and promise. We continued our work, this time deeply engaged with the community, for animals and the environment. Work was accomplished through means of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Awareness.

Engaging the community and working closely with primary stakeholders (government and corporations included), is paving the way towards greater successes.

We hope greater enlightenment dawns across humanity, where all animals and ecosystems are seen as existential and, part and parcel of our existence.

January through April of 2019 has been fulfilling and a source of great encouragement because of these VSPCA's initiatives.

VSPCA and the Community

  • Collaboration with GITAM School of Gandhian Studies Engaging Youth in Animal Welfare projects and conversations.
  • Conserving the Bay of Bengal and our Coastal Eco-System through rigorous Awareness and Outreach with Corporations and the Community.
  • Robust Awareness and Outreach program efforts on leading a Cruelty-Free lifestyle.
  • Training volunteers to become timely Life Savers for Animals.
  • Celebrating our 23rd year of Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Conservation!

Youth and Animal Welfare!

VSPCA collaborated with one of the branches of the Gandhian Institute of Technology and Management and included Animal Welfare Volunteering into their academic curriculum. A large number of students have enrolled themselves under this initiative.

The volunteering agenda includes Volunteering at the VSPCA Shelter, Awareness & Outreach, Volunteering for Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Conservation, and, Volunteering with VSPCA using Social Media.

The idea behind involving teenagers in these programs is: - demonstrate compassion towards animals and then, involve them to experience how Nature completes us. In volunteering at the VSPCA Shelter, we had volunteers interact and socialize with animals with special needs, who are old, blind and paraplegic. It's not often these animals get the public's attention. The teenagers learn a great deal of empathy and understanding with this course.

With Olive Ridley Turtle Conservation, the volunteers accompanied and worked with our Sea Turtle Protection Force. This is a complex and revealing undertaking for the students in Ecosystem Conservation. The Awareness and Outreach Volunteering has the students utilize Social Media taking messages and insights from all courses to the public-the larger community. The students partake in all programs wholeheartedly. It's heartening seeing transformation in young student minds looking for meaning in their lives.

Conserving the Ocean!

VSPCA initiated the conservation of oceans with an effective Awareness and Outreach.

We started inspired by our Pilot Project - Olive Ridley Turtle Conservation. The idea is to make the public aware of real-time challenges impacting marine life and ocean health.

We are teaching the community to become part of the solution using our lobbying strategies, which we use in mitigating such challenges.

To kick start our project we organized "Rally for Ridleys." The objective behind this Awareness Walk is to tune people's radars on issues along Visakhapatnam's seashore, all of which have resulted from excessive beach tourism that has decimated precious Olive Ridely nesting grounds. The Olive Ridleys support a multitude of life forms (fish, reptiles, mammals, birds, algae, krill, shrimp, plankton and sea plants).

Awareness Around a Cruelty-Free Lifestyle!

Cruelty-Free Lifestyle as a subject was organized in the Taj Group of Hotels in Visakhapatnam, as an Awareness Program. The Taj Group is a reputed hotel group world-wide.

The main agenda of this seminar is maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in the hotels by keeping rodents, who we refer to as "vermin," (rats and bandicoots) away in a Cruelty-Free and Non-Lethal manner.

VSPCA demonstrated the Vegan Kitchen and insisted that the Taj Group offer a Vegan Menu in their lounge facilities.

The outcome was impressive and encouraging. We were able to demonstrate the amount of pain and suffering these animals are subjected to. We also leveraged the trending Plant-Based or Vegan Movement and the burgeoning Vegan Lifestyles.

With the help of our Board and NGO partners, we are working to streamline better prospects via VSPCA's Farm Sanctuary and Shelter to promote and globalize a vegan lifestyle.

Celebrating 23 Years of Olive Ridley Turtle Conservation!

VSPCA has completed 22 years of Olive Ridley Turtle Conservation and entered into the 23rd year!

We've successfully sent over a million Sea Turtle hatchlings to the sea, safely. (This doesn't imply the million have survived the elements. But it has certainly improved their chances of survival. There is empirical evidence on this as our nesting sites have increased from 26 to 724 over the years!)

We are working to bring Science and Technology to the program to determine the number that do survive, as well as, healthy sea turtle population impact to the health of other marine life in the ocean.

We move forward with great hope to make this program a model for the global community. We conserved over 700 nests, and re-nested over 79,000 Olive Ridley Turtle eggs releasing over 50,000 hatchlings safely into the ocean, this year itself.

We are working rigorously towards conservation of nesting grounds of Sea Turtles along the Vizag coastline.

Hands-On Training for Volunteers – Saving Individuals on the Streets

The increasing number of animal accident victims and casualties, have put a great strain on VSPCA resources.

Within limited resources, VSPCA is striving to mitigate this issue.

One methodology we have adopted and put into practice, is training volunteers with potential, equipping them technically to handle a large number of rescue calls, and inspect and inform our Shelter Management about the urgency of the rescue. Several cases are referred to them by our Shelter Managers.

If a rescue can be attended on-site, the volunteers are guided and assisted by our Shelter Team. Critical individuals are taken to the shelter for further treatment. The volunteers are technically trained in the fields of Animal Handling, CPR, Pain Management, and Emergency Assistance.

All Volunteers have access to local Vets in the community, who are all part of this program. It is an intensive effort but it needs to be done.

Good news! This program picks up!

Thus far, our trained Volunteers of VSPCA, have rescued over 100 animals under our Life Saver Volunteer Training Program.

Staying Strong Through Cyclone Season, Ensuring Our Animals Are Well-Protected!

Being into the Cyclone Prone Zone of the Eastern Coast of India, we always have a grueling time with Cyclones.

Our shelters are highly susceptible to huge amounts of damage caused by cyclones. The recent cyclones "Phetai" and "Phani" took a toll on our shelters. With limited resources it is difficult to get back to normalcy, from the severe consequences.

We seek help from our donor and well-wisher communities to help us recover our funds, in order to continue working on critical animal welfare and conservation programs.

Fortunately, there is no loss of life but our infrastructure and several flora suffered damage. We are working to rebuild and further-retrofit our facilities, based on IPCC's Climate Change warnings.

We are happy to inform you that our shelters are built with sophistication and are resistant to frequent small cyclones. However, no facilities or farm or sanctuary can remain untouched and is inevitably damaged during these natural disasters.

Critical Rescues and Recoveries













Cuckoo rescued from an entangled kite thread and released into suitable habitat.





One of the hundreds of Parakeets Rescued from fake Astrologers Rehabilitated in our Aviary.





Chicken rescued from cruel transportation sheltered in the Kindness Sanctuary of VSPCA.

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