Dear friends,

You can be part of a truly visionary project by helping us build a new rural, sustainable refuge for the abused and abandoned animals of our area.

“My idea behind ‘kindness farm’ was to ‘grow kindness’ like any other farm produce. Plant it, feed it, nurture it and spread it. We would rescue animals, treat them with respect, and grow healthy fruit, vegetables, and grain on the lands. We would educate and enlighten people about the disastrous effects of livestock on climate, the waterways, the oceans and on human health. Most of all, we would educate people that cruelty to innocent animals is a crime against humanity.”
– Philip Wollen, donor to the Kindness Farm

VSPCA has been able to purchase 6 acres of rural land to home the very large number of animals we have rescued which are currently crowded into our present shelter in Visakhpatnam, Andhra Pradesh which has insufficient space (over 1000 animals on only 2.2 acres). The animals are blessed to have this land gifted to us through the generosity of The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust (Philip Wollen in Australia) and a grant given by Help Animals India (USA) funded by Ms. Olive Walker and Ms. Jane Courtney. The donors gave this land with the confidence of other worldwide support as this grand vision cannot be done without the help of all. We will then be able to house many of our animals which currently have insufficient shelter from the hot summers, cyclones and monsoons of this area of India.

Here is part of our new land, empty and ready for building on as a safe refuge for our rescued animals:

New land

New land

Above: Surveying the land

However, we need your help! Although we have the acreage we now need to be able to build the entire infrastructure on this empty land.

We will need facilities for cattle, buffaloes, horses, cats, monkeys, pigs, donkeys and disabled animals, so we have a lot of work to do. We will need to build a boundary wall, sheds for the animals, quarantine facilities, an operating theatre with a dispensary room, a shed for the watchmen and accommodation for the animal carers. We also plan to build a large pond for the buffalos to finally have their places to soak and wallow in – they are after all water buffaloes. This is all long overdue!

Water buffalo

One of the many buffaloes that we have rehomed and will take to our new land when the infrastructure and a pond are ready.

Of course, we will also need electricity with an efficient communication system, boreholes and wells, storerooms and water storage tanks. We will make some of this fertile land productive so that we can grow the animal feed and will develop a biogas plant and cow urine distillation unit as we have at the main VSPCA shelter to produce vermicompost and natural medicines. This continues our philosophy of sustainability and respect for the land and local people.

Here we are starting to make a borehole on our new land – the first of many and a very positive step forward:

Making a borehole

To contribute to our income it is our aim to create a facility for boarding animals and to set up a safe animal transit area. As education and cooperation with local people is so important we also plan to build a conference hall which will also be used as a workshop, education and training centre.

So you can see how much needs doing to realise this ambitious, visionary plan.

The local people in the area are pleased VSPCA is moving to the area. There may be jobs created for these very poor people as animal carers or in land clearing, building or planting work.

One of our rescued horses which will be moved to a wonderful new shelter on our new land. Please help us build it!

Initially, 300 cattle, buffaloes and horses will be moved to the new land from our very overcrowded shelter. But before we can do anything we need to ask for your help in developing the infrastructure.

This is such an exciting new stage for VSPCA and it is proof of our success in helping the abused animals in the area that we need more room. Will you be part of this vision? Can you help us to build on this land, grow on this land, provide refuge and safety on this land?

Become a founding supporter by donating what you can. We and the voiceless animals thank you so much.

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