Dear well-wishers and supporters,

After Cyclone Hudhud hit we knew we would be facing a severe situation. The complete destruction of structures and greenery at the shelter would surely cause the heat to rise abnormally. Even with the many measures we took to prevent the worst of it, it was not easy to deal with the heat this past summer. But the passionate people at our shelters worked relentlessly and determinedly in doing extensive plantation work to bring back the greenery.

Our shelter with greenery destroyed by cyclone HudHud.

Our shelter brought back to life on war footing post-Cyclone.

The cyclone uprooted almost all of our trees but we are now back with new plantations, created strategically at each and every enclosure. Trees and greenery make our shelter a better place for both animals and humans. We produce our own vegetables and fruits for consumption by shelter animals and staff and we are at the stage now where we can also sell the surplus, generating more funds for the shelter.

Our rural ABC facility is now functional

Fully supported by NetAP under The Dog Protection Programme (DPP), our spay/neuter and anti-rabies vaccination programs have begun in the rural areas. Despite the cyclone destruction, we doubled our efforts and worked even harder to get back to work and resume our ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme with more determination. Our rural ABC programme will target almost 300 dogs in the first phase and we will continue providing our anti-rabies vaccination in other rural areas. The Kindness Dog House (sponsored by Help Animals India) now houses around 40 dogs, most of whom were brought to us during the cyclone. With the rural ABC programme accelerating this dog house will get soon busier. Right now the rescued dogs live here in a serene atmosphere, which includes swimming pools and many fruit trees - including Sandalwood trees at the runway. We hope to provide the best for the dogs that will have to spend the rest of their lives here.

Dr. Rajeshwar and Dr. Yeswanth performing surgeries at our new ABC facility.

Exclusive and specialized veterinary training by the NetAP team

Dr. Yvonne (Veterinarian) and Esther Geisser (Founder at NetAP) visited VSPCA and provided some essential and exclusive training to our vets, specifically focussed on cat care, including dental care, dealing with skin cancer and diet regulations. This programme has the full support of NetAP under Cat Protection Programme (CPP).

Dr. Yvonne, Dr. Yesu and Ms. Estheer Geisser training on updated cat protocols at VSPCA.

Special visit by specialists

We were honored to receive Captain Siddharth and Captian Peter from Sea Shepherd International. Accompanying them were our Chief Patron Mr. Phil Wollen and Mrs. Trix Wollen. Also much honored to see the arrival of Help Animals Representative Ms. Jessika Ava, Sheril Sakai and the NetAP team of Ms. Esther Geisser and Dr. Yvonne. Useful visits and discussions followed towards building a better future for the animals of this region.

Left: Capt. Siddharth, Capt. Peter, Mr. Pradeep, Ms. Trix Wollen and Mr.Philip Wollen. Right: Ms. Jessica Ava andMs. Sheril Sakai with Mr. Philip Wollen.

Left: Ms. Esther Geisser, Founder, NetAP. Right: Dr. Yvonne, Veterinarian, NetAP.

Better space for parrots

The recent cyclone affected the bird's quarantine the worst. We can never provide a true replacement for the parrots' original habitat but we want to give them the best within our available space and resources. We now have a much improved and innovative space. We have around 48 parrots still in our rehabilitation centre

Finally our own Cow Urine Distilling Unit at the Kindness Farm

We are happy to announce the functioning of the Cow Urine Distilling Unit and also the beginning of composting works at The Kindness Farm. With fresh cow dung from more than 800 cattle every day, the best way to utilise these natural wonders is to produce natural products like ground cleaning agent from them. These little projects are run in conjunction with our vegan educational and practical programmes which have been running for 4 years now.

Some recent rescues

From top left: cow being rescued from an underground canal; rescued dog whose head was stuck in a bottle; one of eight terrapins rescued from drainage system; calves rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse

Welcome new advisory members to VSPCA

We are very privileged and absolutely delighted to welcome new advisory members:

  • Esther Geisser, Founder, NetAP as our Patron and Advisory Member
  • Dr. Gayatri Vaidyanathan as Advisory Member

We are very grateful to your continued faith and support and ask you to be an active part of our efforts for the animals in distress.

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