Dear supporters and well-wishers,

Our efforts over the years have led to definitive results in 2013, even though we had so many challenges. We thank you for saving and protecting our fellow beings whom we love.

Earlier in the year we had very successful campaigns but then these past few months brought extreme problems and many ordeals for the animals. That we had the solutions and the confidence to do so came only with your kind support.

A major problem this year was the political turmoil due to the divisions of our state of Andhra Pradesh which crippled normal existence for over three months. It is a now a temporary truce, but one which could erupt at any time. This put a huge burden on us in every respect.

The strike saw lack of power, transport, and government offices, thereby increasing our rising costs. With two large shelters full of 1500 animals, emergency calls, and spay/neuter projects, we had to use extra help for our very survival.

The other serious issue was the super cyclone "Phailin" followed by a deep depression with non-stop rains for more than 15 days, submerging the North Coastal A.P. and destroying properties and lives. This was followed by cyclone "Helen", and then "Leher", and as we write another weather depression is on course.

As in every natural disaster the animals on the roads face major threat for their survival and suffer a great deal. So too the livestock. Our shelters were also greatly damaged.

But, we battled against all odds and moved forward with multi-pronged strategies, dealing with related issues on our merits and taking care of immediate emergencies. We did not comprise our help because of the adverse conditions but overcame with innovative ideas befitting the situation to save the animals.

We thank you all most heartily and vigorously for bearing with our continuous appeals to support with different situations for all species. Now we increase our projects, explore, rescue, protect, and add to conservation, and all of these are possible only with your touching heart, helping hands and kind thoughts about the needy and desperate animals in of this vast region.

The Highlights of 2013

1. 15,000 Males Calves per year are brought to freedom

After eight years of a long fight for and on behalf of the days old male baby calves, which were being sent to slaughter houses by the nominated contractor as per the Simhachalam Temple, has been stopped from 14th May-2013. This has been one of our major successful efforts. We now are all set to change the very norms and principles of religious offerings of male calves by villagers with Awareness, Adoptions and Alternate non-animal offerings.

2. Zero Rabies

For the last two years we are free from rabies cases! This is because of our team who has been constantly working hard. Over 90,000 dogs have been covered over the years since 1998. This is not just vaccinations this is 90,000 dogs for spay/neuter and rabies!

3. Liberations of Cobras

We continue our efforts to totally eliminate the middle men from bringing tortured and dehydrated snakes on the occasion of Nagulachavathi where the cobras drop dead after the religious ordeals. This year we saw not one cobra in our area.

4. The total stop to cat hunting

This year we have observed the incidences of cat hunting greatly diminished. This has given us the opportunity to extend to the other areas of our investigations and stop these hunters. We are hopeful that we will be able to replicate the success in extended areas.

5. Huge Sea Turtle Nesting

After 16 years of consistent measures taken to stop the poaching of Sea Turtles by various approaches this year the 2012-2013 season have seen a jump in the number of nesting in Visakhapatnam urban beach and we were able to release 39,037 hatchlings.

6. The Formation of the Animal Club

We have setup one animal club in our area which was started with an aim to bring all likeminded people and animal lovers together to increase our members. We raised valuable discussions for the welfare of animals. We intend to use this forum to raise more voices for our beloved beings.

7. Cattle Respect Programme India

We strengthen the fight against illegal transportations and slaughtering starting from this area. The impact so far has been tremendous and there is indeed respect earned for the large animals over transportations and disciplining the people involved to prevent cruelties. This is an opportunity for us to usher in animal welfare by awareness and implementation of the laws and stop illegal slaughterings.

8. Natural Disaster efforts

Reeling from continuous cyclones affecting the North Coastal Andhra Pradesh and causing immeasurable sufferings to animals and birds, our team as always has been alert to attend to our two shelters and also to neighbouring areas. Our strong timely efforts for over a month saw the saving and protection of approximately 10,000 Asian Open Bill Storks at Telikunchu, Tekkali, in Srikakulum District.

9. Mobile Awareness and Adoption Programs

We have also launched an ambitious mobile adoption programme. It goes out ward (neighborhood) wise to promotes and carry out mobile medical services. We offer incentives for promoting the great native Indian community dog rather than buying "pure" breed dogs from those out to irresponsibly make a profit.

10. Cruelty cases

This year we have increased our efforts and taken a positive active role in our investigation and cruelty cases. And as many as 13 cases were filed with two court cases. We have decided to put every case to police investigation and work towards the positive outcomes.

As we enter 2014 have no choice but to confidently stride ahead into more areas, tackle more issues and win them all in favour of our animals. We ask for your continued faith and support and be an active part of our efforts for the animals in distress.

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