Faster and Desperate Rescue due to CORONA fear by the public!

Faster and Desperate Rescue due to CORONA fear by the public!

We received a Distress Animal Call early morning on our helpline saying that someone has abandoned a pet dog on a highway. Our local volunteer group rushed to the spot and were shocked looking at the condition of the dog. The owners have dumped the dog along with a heavy metal chain and some wires around his neck which pierced so deep that almost half of its neck has been cut and profusely bleeding.

Our trained volunteers immediately began on-site first aid after taking vet advise and carefully removed the chain and the other ropes which have pierced deep into the skin and relieved him from the pain temporarily.

Also, the dog is in a very traumatized situation due to the fear caused out of abandonment and refusing to eat food given. He also continuously waiting if the owners would come back to take him home not knowing why he has been dumped like trash for no fault of the dog. Along with this, the local people are shooing away because of the wounded the fear of COVID rumors relating to animals.

As there are more chances of being fallen under the vehicles and also being attacked by other existing community stray dogs, we have sent our ambulance immediately so as to shift the dog to the shelter. We were also thankful to the local police who assisted us with the necessary support during this rescue operation. The dog is under critical emergency care at our shelter. We are hopeful for a good recovery. WATCH OUT FOR THE RECOVERY PHOTO. Help us to rescue more animals at this crucial time.

Under the normal circumstances without THE CORONA issue, we would have carried out on spot treatment and recovery procedure by the exceptionally trained volunteers. Due to the fear retaliation by the public the dog was shifted to Shelter.


Fear, anxiety, selfish attitude grips the owners under the greater influence of the COVID virus. This dog was found in pretty bad shape with hunger, panic, trauma over the mange abandonment. With LOckdown the owners do not have the patience and sympathy and care to fight their way to a vet clinic. But, we do help the vulnerable Shifting to our shelter for the necessary treatment and care.

Desperate mode of transport and carry during Lockdown situation due to COVID issue.

Here is an accident dog who needs immediate medical attention brought to our shelter.

Abandoned puppies were thrown in a busy dustbin being taken to our Shelter!

This time and perhaps for the first time Indian puppies abandoned instead of pedigree dogs. This means people are scared about the false rumors that dogs link to Corona.

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