VSPCA Shelters have survived credibly during the Lockdown

VSPCA Shelters have survived credibly during the Lockdown

VSPCA Shelters have survived credibly during the Lockdown but no complacency as the cases are rising !!

As the Corona cases rise even here in Visakha, AP, India the most worrisome factors are the Shelters with more than 1500 different animals under various care, SOS daily and Animal Birth Control Programme on a daily basis. And there is no respite from emergency calls. With both our shelters full to the brim with regards to all kind of animals it is certainly a daunting task for us to take in anymore jeopardising the already in animals without space for the newcomers. Under these conditions, our employees sweat it out to look after the animals’ feed and their care and treatment. Even if one positive case arises the entire shelter will be shut down and the animals will face an uncertain hardship.

The volunteers and animal lovers most of them prefer to stay in their inner walls and keep ranting to lift the animals without extending a helping hand to atleast provide first aid or bring to the shelter or go to the nearest Animal Husbandry clinic with whom we have an understanding .

Our employees in all categories our real Heroes who worked hard during the Lockdown risking their lives only because they have a rare affinity towards the animals who need to be fed and treated daily. We faced the wrath from the public throwing stones at us to stop our works not realising that the animals would die if not fed and there are many old and sick and wounded ones.

For donations please visit https://vspca.org/donate/ or also by Google pay vide SBI SB A/c 00000015619893, IFS Code SBIN0003060, MICR Code 530002008, CIF No.8048318894 or SBI SB A/c no. 1084 9854432, IFS Code SBIN0000754

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