A Unique Mobile Ambulance Services Program (Mobile Camp)

A Unique Mobile Ambulance Services Program (Mobile Camp)


To strengthen the volunteer network and support dog feeding/water bowls across the city, VSPCA inaugurated “Mobile Camps for dogs” last Friday. In conjunction with Animal Husbandary and Municipality – volunteers represent 3 agencies; badges provided.

2021 we began our MOBILE AMBULANCE SERVICES PROGRAMME. The chosen area was Saligramapuram where the port employees reside, open area surrounded by hills southwards. The rendered were:

  1. On spot treatments of mange, stomach issues, injuries, dewormings.
  2. The entire area of 5 Kms radius was surveyed for any old, disabled and blind for permanent sheltering.
  3. Dogs were picked up for spaying and vaccinations.
  4. Counselling to the people of the area about our objectives.

We brought in an ambulance for treatment etc., and a dog catching vehicle. 11 dogs, 2 cats and one crow were treated. 8 dogs and one crow were shifted to shelter.

This kind of mobile services will be held every Friday at different places and will repeat to the place out of turn. Each owner dog can register with us. Indian dog owners will be provided free of cost. Owner dogs will have suitable ID cards and case sheet for continuation.

The objective of such camps being to reach out to our animals in distress, provide suitable awareness and education, creating bondage between human and animals and thereby lessening the animal and human conflicts.

The programme is an Integrated Comprehensive Animal Welfare Project wherein The Dog Protection and Cat Protection Programme are in and with the active support from NetAP – Network for Animal Protection.

To support our organization please donate to us at vspca.org/donate

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