Piku and Rowdy: An Expected Friendship

Piku and Rowdy: An Expected Friendship

During our team’s morning rounds at the dog feeding stations, they found an orphaned little chick loitering around. He was gently captured and brought back to our office at Kindness Farm. We named him Piku! While at Kindness Farm, an unexpected friendship bloomed between Piku and Rowdy. Rowdy is a dog we rescued several months ago. We watched as Piku respectfully climbed onto Rowdy’s back and the two began roaming around everywhere with Piku having no fear or hesitation. Somehow a sweet friendship formed between two species who are generally not seen together and oftentimes are in conflict

The hesitation was inside us.  We were afraid that Rowdy would hurt the baby chick. We debated separating them from each other. To our astonishment, Rowdy was completely happy with Piku on his back and they were really comfortable with each other! 

At VSPCA, it fills us with joy when we see unexpected friendships blossom!  Birds of the same species getting along is a great thing.  However more so, are friendships between two different kinds of animals–they show the human world that there is no need to other another and that living in harmony is the way onward to a peaceful world

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