Greeting from VSPCA in Visakhapatnam, India where we Protect and Care for Animals!

We have such good news for you from all of our activities. Against all odds, VSPCA continues to be the most active and effective animal protection group of our state of Andhra Pradesh (a state of over 75 million people) and one of the most effective in all of India.

We are so grateful to each and everyone who has helped in any small or large way, however, we need a lot more people to join in! If everyone reading this update could contribute $10 a month (or 250 or 500 Rupees monthly) we would have enough to continue and not have to cut back from our vital, life-saving programs.

Read below about all of our activities and see if you don’t agree that your support to us is the best way you can relieve the suffering of our voiceless animal friends.

Just last year we performed spay/neuter on 3400 street/community dogs/cats and rabies vaccination on 10,200 dogs! As well as hundreds of rescues.

This dear new mother is one of many former “pets” now abandoned to the streets when their guardians find them a nuisance (in this case she got pregnant!) These formerly “owned” dogs are now more of a crisis than the street dog population. Please help us help more sweet girls like this one, we cannot bear to see them roam the streets having once known love.



Our cat new shelter is open! This is our fifth building to protect and house the cats to save them from a horrendous fate from the cat eaters/hunters and hope for their eventual adoption. Presently we have 83 cats and with a quarantine, and operation theatre. Our new building will allow us to save yet another 120 cats!


This past month we opened our new Kindness Farm. With over 1300 animals in our current 2.5 acres finally after years of planning we moved hundreds of cows/ buffaloes and horses to their new more spacious quarters. It was thrilling to see them step outside and enjoy new surroundings. Read more about the many aspects of our Kindness Farm and its outreach to the entire community with the example of sustainability for all sentient life.

BREAKING NEWS! Just this past week we rescued 124 bulls from the torturous, cramped, and cruel manner of transport and slaughter – please read the details here.

Are you fed up with our plastic-filled world slowly killing the world’s sea animals? In our part of India it is slowly killing the cows on the street. VSPCA has started a plastic removal project and we aim to do 150 of our 600 contaminated with plastic cows . The surgeries have begun and we are at present going at one per week to be increased to three per week.



Do you think there is something wrong in this photo? We do and are doing something about it. If you would like to put your heart into action please see our matching fund which is on and how you can help.

Please read about our unique Vegan Meals for the Poor. A vegan diet is the way to prevent suffering for all the animals and help our planet at the same time. The poorest of our community love and protect the street dogs and sometimes cats. So why shouldn’t we feed them as well as their animal companions? We do that through the Kindness Mobile Restaurant which you are most welcome to contribute to as well – please read more about it here.

Above is one woman we help who would only have garbage to eat if we didn’t give her and her cats a meal.


Our 2011 – 2012 sea turtle protection has begun from January with hatcheries of 60 feet by 40 feet – one at each of four beaches along the coastline. Because of the huge human population and the consequent beach entertainments and development all along the way it is vital that we are there with our teams to protect the eggs from laying to hatching. Read more about supporting our program.



We hope we have convinced you to put your hard earned dollars or rupees to work right here with us. We promise you it will go extremely far in relieving animal suffering and making as much as possible right in our challenging world.

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