To our dear friends,

Happy Holidays and an Auspicious and Healthy 2008 to you all.

Our heartfelt thanks for supporting and standing by us, especially in our times of crisis. We are so grateful for your help and advice whenever we reach out for it. Now all of our responsibilities have increased so much more than before because of our active involvement in all the issues.

We have made many positive programs for the benefit of the animals a reality this past year.


“Chameli” waiting for a home of her own.

The most important one, perhaps, is the expansion of our Animal Birth Control program for the street dogs. It has now has taken the form of three mobile camps with the joint participation of the Greater Visakha Municipality Council and the Animal Welfare Board of India. In just the past three months, we have spayed or neutered over 4000 street dogs.

Our other achievements this past year include our Animal Birth Control program for street cats and owned cats. Additionally, we now have two areas at the VSPCA centre to keep our own cats healthy and happy. We have a new isolation quarantine and air-conditioned operating theatre just for cats for their own birth control program. We continue to promote local pet adoption.

The horses in Visakhapatnam can now look forward to our free medical camps and the benefit of our awareness and education program for their owners. That is something we are planning to implement permanently, as the horse population is on the rise because of increased tourism.

We hope to build on progress made in year’s past towards keeping the area animals safe as we plan our natural disaster reduction programme.

We have documented the animal sacrifice and animal transport issue as well as the continuing abuse of cows in our local temple.

Ram the bull

Ram the bull (along with many other animals) humbly requests a sponsor.

Our Awareness and Education campaign outreach to the schools has started. We expect it to bring more visitors to our shelter. We are planning a new an octagon-shaped house for our 78 free-ranging resident shelter dogs as not all the visitors like 78 dogs running around! Other planned improvements to the shelter include an innovative resting and quarantine area for small animals in a nature-like habitat. This will be a charming area to house our rescued rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and geese.

We are commencing our sea turtle campaign for the 2007-2008 season, and we plan to do it much more comprehensively this year. Our public awareness campaign to halt the illegal trade of wild animals will target all marketplaces and related fishing communities starting next week.

Following our successful campaign to protect the migratory birds at Telenelipuram (the campaign is now in the hands of the local community), we are now going to start another campaign in an unprotected area of wetlands from 60 kms southwest of our city, in response to a request from the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department.

Fox and rat rescue

We raided an illegal exhibition and seized rats and foxes, seen here in the cages they were living in. Pythons, civic cats, mongoose, porcupines, languor monkeys, star tortoises, partridges, rabbits and guinea pigs were also all being cruelly kept in boxes their whole lives until we raided the operation. These animals will now have better lives at VSPCA or go to the zoo, where they may eventually be released. All these good works have been made possible by your generosity and understanding. This is just the beginning, and we are sure that in the years to come we will be able to provide the best for the animals throughout our coastline and our entire state.

However, we continue to struggle greatly with our daily operational expenses and look forward to your ongoing support so we can make our crusade for the animals a reality. We have one of the best animal shelters in India with over 1050 resident rescued animals.

It is your support that has made the difference and we greatly look forward to your continued association to expand our activities and to make our crusade a reality.

VSPCA staff

On behalf of all of us at VSPCA,
Pradeep Kumar Nath,
Founder and President



In loving memory of the incomparable Tiger,
an original founder of VSPCA.
His spirit very much lives on!
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