Seasonal Marine Animal Rescue!

Seasonal Marine Animal Rescue!

Sea Turtle Protection

Did you know that VSPCA, India has assisted ~ 700,000 Olive Ridley Sea Turtles to get back to their ocean home by protecting the eggs? This season, record nesting is expected with indications of heavy nesting. VSPCA is set to cross 100,000 eggs with this record! Sixteen (16) nests indicate yet another good season!

VSPCA faces many challenges with Sea Turtle protection: human ignorance about these nesting sites, all kinds of beach entertainment disrupting nesting, the threat of pollution, etc., all of which require being seriously addressed by the Andhra Government.  

Since 1996, over 660,000 hatch-lings have been released into their ocean home and this season expects to cross over the 700,000 mark.  VSPCA has over five (5) hatcheries and, twenty-one (21) Sea Turtle Protection Forces set up by Forest Department.  VSPCA works methodically and scientifically. Please watch out for our Sea Turtle posts, as one of our teams is engaged in this protection until the end of May 2018.  

For donations please visit or also by Google pay vide SBI SB A/c 00000015619893, IFS Code SBIN0003060, MICR Code 530002008, CIF No.8048318894 or SBI SB A/c no. 1084 9854432, IFS Code SBIN0000754

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