Illegal Transportation of Bovines for “Beef”

Illegal Transportation of Bovines for “Beef”

India a Hub for Illegal Slaughter   

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh: Visakha teams often require raiding groups who transport cows, bulls, and buffaloes for slaughter.  This is illegal.  Law enforcement is often too frugal and ineffective.  Often animal welfare persons working with the local police, are the ones trying to reduce illegal cruel transportation of these gentle animals.  

India’s Hindu communities revere the cow.  She is affixed to the image of Lord Krishna in every Hindu home.  Adoration of our mother cow is bestowed upon her image, an idol, an idea, anointed with her own milk (taken cruelly from her) on an installation somewhere…   Our worship of the cow is largely in our heads: –  making us feel religious; self-righteous even.  

Once our “puja” is done, we go about our business of consuming the cow’s products, her secretions, her lactation,  and she is left to die on the roads.  She is transported as an object of profiteering.  Her babies are treated with unimaginable cruelty.  

We ask everyone: 

How must we revere mother cow?  

What kinds of words and actions must follow from our worship of our mother cow?  What actions would ensure the sanctity of our worship of her?

The pictures are of the unproductive bulls from the dairy cattle.  Forced into trucks, they undergo horrible journeys to the slaughterhouses. 

We have filed a case to apprehend the perpetrator.  

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