Vizag Styrene gas disaster update #2

Vizag Styrene gas disaster update #2

Most pedigree dogs have died or collapsed . Large sized dogs as Lab , German Shepherd faced critical problems. But here is a tiny pom standing all alone in front of the verandah of the house. The owners fled without him. In our search we found him waiting patiently . Our boys trying to make friends with him. Under our care. Will be handed over to the rightful owner.

And these tiny love birds seem to make it from the deadly Gas leak toxic effect. Most pet birds were found dead. Actually the burst of gas and the spread and fall have been found scattered. As such the effect was hence related. The places where the gas fall was high there was immediate impact and most fatal.

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One thought on “Vizag Styrene gas disaster update #2”

  1. Priya T says:

    Dear VSPCA Team and Pradeep,
    This is a tragedy. Leaving your child behind?! It’s hard to fathom some of this nature within us humans. Grateful you are there to trace these animals and bring them help. They must be so lost and confused that their loved ones are not there with them. Thank you VSPCA for picking up the trying to revive the many beautiful birds in this region!
    With love and blessings.

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