Our continued efforts during the styrene gas disaster update #4

Our continued efforts during the styrene gas disaster update #4

While the Animal Husbandry department carried on with their treatment of large animals, in particular, we moved on from rescuing, treatment and rehabilitation to the feeding of the street animals mostly being the dogs who number around 60 in one most affected area being Venkatapuram where the evacuation was 100% leaving the community dogs hungry.

Left in despair but in command to the house!

We bring many sad stories about animals left behind by their owners. Life is so important to the owners and their children but their own faithful pets have no such special place in their hearts. Here is one such case. We rescued them and brought to our shelter. Will restore after due counseling.

Lockdown and Gas Leak does not deter us to go for emergency rescues and rehabilitation. Here are some rescues which include abandonment cases of dogs and kittens, accidents and injuries.

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  1. Priya T says:

    Dear VSPCA Team,
    Deeply grateful for how you keep your focus on the most vulnerable and alone. Thank you for this life saving work. We are with you.

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