Continued efforts of VSPCA to rescue animals during styrene gas disaster update #5

Continued efforts of VSPCA to rescue animals during styrene gas disaster update #5

Chickens certainly get a fresh lease of life because of the Gas leak in Vizag !

The Vizag based Styrene gas leak affected all kinds of animals and humans and the people ran away abandoning many. These chickens rent the air with cries of freedom as the toxic gas could affect the humans if they ate them! Strange are the ways of earning freedom. These chickens were left behind to earn a living by themselves as they turn out to be unproductive for these slaughterers. We are feeding them every day too. With instructions not to touch any within 3 km these chickens will need to be shifted to our shelter.

One more abandoned pet dog case left in the house by the owners due to gas leak in Vizag recently.

As we continue to follow up everyday with searches across 3 kms and more and covering more than 5 villages we find new cases left behind. Humans are returning back. We got this dog restored to the owner on the fourth day after lot of counselling. People are surrounded with myths and hence a follow up is required to ensure the pets are not dumped off elsewhere.

Will the owners look after these buffaloes?

These buffaloes and some or all who were all in the vicinities of THE STYRENE GAS LEAK AND WHERE THE CONCENTRATION WAS HIGH there is now some indication of the eyes being affected in the larger animals as this buffalo is showing. The Vet inspection, treatment, etc. is going on while we continue to assist and feed them all the clarity of this gas effect is a long term assessment and no expert is clear on this. We continue to do our best and we are there today also.

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