Corona takes away one of our Frontline Warriors

Corona takes away one of our Frontline Warriors

A tribute to this silent machine!

He would be 60 this coming 22 / Aug but he fought the deadly virus to succumb after two weeks. Though negligence was a part played in the hospital but the end result was fatal an irreparable loss to us, to the animals and to all related. His anxiety and worriness over the tragic loss of his own sister to the virus played a part.

He was in charge of The Sea turtle programme which enters the 25th year, responsible for the Vegan Meals project to the abandoned humans and Our Foundation Project — One-Stop Feeding Station for the street dogs. We have over 16 feeding stations every one of these 300 dogs are known to him almost personally. I passed on these very sensitive outreach programmes to him based on his dedication and commitment and knowledge that he has a heart for the animals. I had this confidence in him that he will ensure the delivery package. Above all, he was punctual a very commodity. And for animals, this is so essential. Besides the above, he used to attend to many other important related to SOS, fundraising, banks and purchases. His absence is being felt very badly and the need for another true warrior in the making.

May his soul rest in peace. May his family gain the strength.

The pics of him with the sea turtle dog protection force.
And a file photo of his Vegan meals distribution.

The Team VSPCA moves on to fill the gap with renewed vigour and accuracy and do the best possible to render service to the street animals who do not understand the sentiments and emotions that we are passing through. They are innocent and sentient beings. By doing them more service we also acknowledging our Late Narayan Rao”s efforts in this regard to provide help at the right time and at the right place.

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