OCTOBER 7 – World Wildlife Week comes to a close

OCTOBER 7 – World Wildlife Week comes to a close

For years we’ve exploited the oceans.

Ocean species are facing unprecedented threats: rising ocean temperature, ocean acidification, coral reef bleaching, fish stock depletion, species distributions, loss of apex predators, on and offshore pollution – (plastic, sewage, ore, chemicals, oil spills) and more.  

VSPCA is working with the fishing community and the government to protect sea turtles and sharks.  We are working hard to keep the beaches clean and fight for Beach Habitat Conservation. 

Humanity has a small chance to make things right.  Every citizen can make an effort to bring change.

Watch your consumption.  Sea creatures feel pain too.  Eat a plant-based diet.  

Find ways to eliminate plastic waste.  

Donate to help organizations that are doing the hard work of ocean conservation.  They need your help and funds to do what governments cannot do alone.  

Join protest movements to send strong messages for change.  

Write to your ministers and senators.  

Teach your children about the beautiful ocean. 

Join the community to clean up the ocean shores.

Treat the oceans as a National or State Park (says Pradeep Kumar Nath) 


– Come up with your own ideas of how to make a difference.

The Constitution of India speaks for Nature and All Species:

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