15 years of cruel free Nagachaviti festival

15 years of cruel free Nagachaviti festival

Naga Chauvathi the Festival worshipping cobra snake. In this part of our Country, this festival is observed a few days after Diwali The Festival of Lights. Under our Liberations of Cobras Project since 1996 it took us almost 6 years to totally stop the using of live snakes for worshipping and today the live snales worship is replaced by idols, artificial snake pits and exclusively built temples.

It is gratifying to note how the temples were built to pray.

Earlier The Cobras used to be caught, their mouths stitched up leaving only the tongue to come out, their fangs removed and to top it all they were kept in these conditions 10 days before the festival day which means these snakes were without any food and water for days. most of them die after the ordeal. After opening up the stitches we could get the foul smell from the mouths when they try to open their mouths it was all ulcerations formed, highly dehydrated they had to be urgently treated. 

A stitched mouth of the Cobra being displayed on the occasion of the “Nagachaviti” festival 15 years ago.

Today we are over 15 years free from such cruel practices. from force feeding them with milk, bursting crackers in front of them, lighting agarbattis and rubbing vermillion has paved the way for peaceful worshipping in temples. Awareness and education has played a bigger role in turning them around showing the real picture of the snakes actually dying and the flesh thrown in dustbins while the skins go into their bags.

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