Rescued Buffaloes in Kindness shelter

Rescued Buffaloes in Kindness shelter

We now have over 36 rescued buffaloes in our shelters. Buffaloes, unfortunately, do not have that much protection and in particular the male ones. As it is a state subject hence the laws vary. In fact, we started our rescue mission with a baby buffalo 25 years ago and he is still alive. A special story on him is due soon.

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  1. Allu ramarao says:

    We have a street cat which is injured completely near her legs. With bites cuts and it’s bleeding, she cannot walk and it is hesitating to walk. She’s in dangeresly in pain she’s not eating for two days. The reason of the injury was an another street cat which was biting her harshly and it’s so hard to catch that bad cat everytime. We tried to protect her from the other cat, but the other one just seems to have had a long lasting relationship with traumatizing our cat. Please provide us with some help. Thank you.

  2. Allu ramarao says:

    Please depute one compounder to treat the injured cat. We will bear the cost

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