The Mobile Animal Medical Camp – 3

The Mobile Animal Medical Camp – 3

As we move from area to area we definitely find the prevalence of different animals and their population upon the occupation of human population and the development of the areas.

The prevalence of more illegal slaughterhouses is directly related to the presence of Urban Cattle rearers. The unproductive male buffalo calves which are on the roads are at utmost risk of being robbed, killed and treaded for petty pecuniary purposes.

In the area of Arilova, Visakha, AP, India, there are more cattle babies most of which are male that are rejected and left to fend on the roads and their population is seen more with the dogs.

We carried out extensive awareness and education and are looking forward to more initiative in the coming weeks to deal with animals in distress issue and hopefully create a working network of volunteers to counter the problem. For now, we have one volunteer named Srikant an RTC bus driver and hope to add more volunteers in the coming days.

Below you can find the pictures from our mobile ambulance animal medical camp – 3!

Setting up the camp

Interacting with public

Interacting with kids

Cattle we treated during our mobile camp

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2 thoughts on “The Mobile Animal Medical Camp – 3”

  1. Ch. Venkateswara rao says:

    Two abondoned cows are badly suffering since 3 weeks near Visakha Eye hospital, pmpalem

    1. saiganeshveeravalli says:

      Hello Mr Venkateswara Rao

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Please contact our VSPCA ground personnel at +91-9490494275 to explain the situation, to share the location details, and for further correspondence.

      We request your understanding of the damage at our shelters due to the recent cyclone in Vizag. Also, the Pandemic situation is preventing 100% staff attendance, where most days staff capacity is at 50% to 75%.

      We will respond at our earliest.

      We are an NGO operating with limited space, funds, and several volunteers (people like you).

      We are doing our best to respond to as many calls as possible. Your patience will go a long way in helping more animals.

      Best wishes

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