The incredible rescue of an Eagle

The incredible rescue of an Eagle

While returning to the administrative office after distributing food packets to the dogs as part of our project ‘One-stop feeding station‘, our staff member noticed an eagle stuck at the top of a tree. The eagle was caught quite severely by the neck, legs and wings by a kite string which was hanging around 20 feet high to the branch of the tree. The bird was in this position for almost two days before one of us noticed and got into action.

Our team rushed to the location, figured out how to bring the eagle to the ground and the team did it together successfully. We rescued it and took it to our shelter for treatment till it is strong enough to fly again. The zoo did not want to take in due to the fear of bird flu. So we had to do our best at our busy shelter. Once it is fully recovered we let it fly again as it is supposed to be.

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