Our cat friends getting ready for the summer!

Our cat friends getting ready for the summer!

The temperatures are already rising in Visakhapatnam and we can expect some really high temperatures during the peak summer. With all the trees and plantations around in our main shelter, we are trying our best to keep the weather as cool as possible for our beloved animals.

The cats are huddled together in groups of their choice and lie on the cold blankets during the peak afternoons. All these cats are from different localities now enjoying themselves together at the same place safely. They are all rescues that are spay-neutered and are very friendly with the humans around. We have more than 130 cats in the main shelter with 6 cat houses.

VSPCA’s special Cat Protection Programme (CPP) in collaboration with NetAP – Network for Animal Protection, is a comprehensive undertaking that includes

  • Education and awareness
  • Filing cruelty cases on behalf of cats
  • Conducting spay/neuter surgeries
  • Ensuring post-op care
  • Vaccination camps

We work for the welfare of street cats under the Cat Protection Programme.

To support our organization please donate to us at vspca.org/donate

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