Rescue of a dog from a ten-feet depth drain

Rescue of a dog from a ten-feet depth drain

Hari, our animal helper located a dog that was fallen in a ten feet depth ditch filled with drainage water. It was one of our feeding dogs at Dog Feeding Station No.12 which was run over by a container truck. Unable to bear the pain, the dog rolled over and fell in the ditch filled with drainage water.

Hari informed our rescue team and attend to the crisis immediately. With help and direction from our rescue team, he carefully moved down to the drainage point by holding the tree branches. The dog was desperately looking for help and was in a lot of pain due to the accident. The dog was not able to come out on its own as the dog’s back legs were injured and subsequently getting drowned in the drain.

After trying to get friendly and building confidence Hari lifted the dog from the drain. The dog has been transferred to our main shelter for immediate medical attention. We hope to save the dog’s life as the lower portion has been completely smashed (graphic photo not shown).

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