Trees mean life!🌳

Trees mean life!🌳

Kindness Farm in Kuruvada region of Andhra Pradesh is where VSPCA’s innovative work around biodiversity retention and plant-based living is carried out. This sanctuary over 12 acres, houses many 100s of non-native and native animals, large and smallemus, horses, rams, cattle, dogs, cats, and a variety of birds. All animals are rescues unable to live without assistance. The farm grows many thousands of trees and crops for the community. It has biogas, vermicomposting, fertilizer, and ground cleaner production facilities making efficient use of animal waste. Its hospital, surgery, and post-op care facilities are of great help to the region’s farmers. The world’s first “Dog Park” is undergoing construction. A significant Rain Water Harvesting system covering the whole property is also in progress. From a wasteland in 2012 to an oasis in 2018, Kindness Farm continues to attract more animals to it. Therefore, we are boosting our native tree planting efforts to retain this region’s amazing biodiversity that is seeing growing numbers of migratory birds rest here.

We want to keep reforesting and we need your help! With only 20 dollars we can plant the Kindness Farm with even more native trees to enlarge this wonderful oasis and create a habitat for even more animals. A thousand more trees are our ambitious goal. We know it will be difficult, but every single tree counts and with your help, we will surely achieve a lot 💪

Join in and have a tree planted for you too. If you want to dedicate the tree to someone, write their name in the comment section while donating and show that person that you want to make this world a little better for them too. May we plant many more trees! 🍀

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