Summer solution to beat the humidity and temperatures

Summer solution to beat the humidity and temperatures

As the temperatures are rising in Visakhapatnam, it is hard to beat the heat without properly hydrating ourselves with water. All the urban animals including dogs need water throughout the day to quench their thirst. It is important to keep water accessible to them else they look at unsuitable/dangerous places and might hurt themselves like getting their head stuck in plastic cans – Another case of a dog getting its head stuck in a bottle can – Visakha SPCA India, Inc. (

Placing them in accessible areas in and around the streets of the city is important to avoid or reduce such unfortunate incidents. It is with this idea we started the programme “Project Kittu – Small water bowls” to provide all street animals with this basic need – drinking water (Project KITTU – Small Water Bowls – Visakha SPCA India, Inc. (

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