Another case of a dog getting its head stuck in a bottle can

Another case of a dog getting its head stuck in a bottle can

We received a distress call telling us a dog’s head being trapped in a bottle can. We have been getting a lot of these cases lately, and we will be seeing a lot of them, particularly during the summer. As the temperatures are rising, dogs need water to beat the heat and they try to look everywhere to get water especially in bottles, plastic cans etc. In an attempt to quench their thirst some of them get stuck while they keep their head in which is a very unfortunate situation.

It is important to keep increasing the number of water bowls across the city to help reduce such unfortunate incidents. Residents of the city can also take part in helping the street animals and birds quench their thirst by leaving a bowl of water in their surroundings or hanging in their balconies. Community involvement is key in such programmes.

We have started “Project Kittu — Small Water Bowls” together with the residents of Visakhapatnam on August 10, 2020, to provide the street animals with their basic need – drinking water. Learn more about Project Kittu here.

Our volunteer team led by Mr Vivek attended the emergency call and successfully removed the stuck bottle can from the dog’s head.

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