On spot treatments by our volunteer team

On spot treatments by our volunteer team

The pandemic has sent many animals to our shelters due to abandonment. We are stretched to our maximum capacity and we are doing everything we can to accommodate more animals than our capacity allows. Bringing more and more animals to our shelters is not an optimal solution for us or the animals as the shelters become overcrowded it affects the health and well-being of animals.

So, to tackle this issue we started our Mobile Ambulance Camp Programme this year to bring our services to the streets of Visakhapatnam. Being able to do on-spot treatment whenever viable and possible is important as it will save time, energy and costs. It is important for us to do more on-spot treatments as we have no space left in our shelters to intake new animals even though we wanted to do.

Our focus has been on activating a serious and dedicated team of volunteers to help us in different areas of the city by performing on-spot treatments and also assist us in mobile ambulance services while we provide the resources and the training. Our technical team follow up with the cases once they are treated and make sure the animals are recovered completely.

Here are such two on-spot recovery cases!

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