The vulnerables!

The vulnerables!

Young male calves are often targeted by the middlemen for slaughter and abduction, with the aim of making as much money as possible while getting rid of them. The male calves are known to be unproductive to the owners some of which are abandoned on the roads left to their fate without any food or water. They struggle to find food, water and shelter to beat the rising temperatures. They are many instances where the calves die of starvation and also due to dehydration and extreme heat on the roads.

Here is one such vulnerable male calve which was abandoned on the roads to die. Our volunteer team spotted it and rescued it. We are trying to give it the required food, water and shelter in order to help it recover its health. Our team luckily spotted this calve but there are many male calves that are left to die of starvation by their owners. We are trying our best to help as many vulnerable animals as possible within our resources and budget. Support from people like you will help us a lot to rescue more of such vulnerable animals and prevent them from dying.

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