His cries fall on deaf ears

His cries fall on deaf ears

VSPCA’s work started with dogs, rescuing them, giving them the right medical treatment, providing them with nutritional food, administering vaccines, and showering them with love and care until they find a forever home. 

Over the years, we have rescued hundreds of dogs who are cruelly beaten, abused, injured, and ill. However, this has not desensitized us to their pain and suffering. 

Recently, we rescued an abandoned labrador who was extremely traumatized, hungry and desperate to go back to his owners. We were able to rescue this poor pup and shift him to Shelter 1 so that our brilliant and empathetic medical team could work quickly to give him the medical treatment he needs. Ever since his rescue, he has been loved and cared for so deeply by everyone at VSPCA, and we can only hope and pray that he finds his forever and loving home soon. 

We urge pet owners, and animal right advocates to do their part and bring attention to authorities about such cases. We must as a society, hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes on these innocent beings and prosecute them. A dog’s innocence is its vulnerability and we must, as dominant beings, protect all the innocent.  

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