Sophie Greger, International Director for Animals’ Angels

Sophie Greger, International Director for Animals’ Angels

Ms. Sophie Greger is the International Director for Animals’ Angels, which is an animal welfare organization based in Germany. This non-profit organization works with farm animals and focuses on their protection during transport. They work to ban the illegal transportation of large animals. 

Animals’ Angels have bases all across the world, including in India where they work with the animals on the streets, animals in slaughterhouses, in border control points, and in animal markets. 

Ms. Greger has been working with VSPCA over the past eight years and working alongside our founder, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath and helping him move the Cattle Respect Program forward in numerous ways. She helped create and raise awareness about animal shanties where 90 percent of all animal cruelties happen. Ms. Greger was at the frontlines talking about cattle wrongdoings. Additionally, she worked closely with our team at the Simhachalan Temple and helped create awareness about people discarding male cattle

Since 2012, Ms. Greger and VSPCA have been inspecting animal markets and animal transports. Over the years, there has been a lot of energy and resources that have been invested to build the Cattle Respect Project sustainably and make the right changes for the animals. Along with Ms. Greger, VSPCA has also worked with cattle authorities and owners to make these changes permanent. 

Last year, in 2020, Animals’ Angels handed the Cattle Respect Program to VSPCA based on the long-standing relationship with VSPCA. However, Ms. Greger still maintains close relationships with our VSPCA team and supports us in every way possible. 

India has put forth some strict laws to protect animals during transport; however, in reality, it looks a lot different: 

  • There is no shade even with high temperatures 
  • There is no water or food provided to the animals
  • There is a lack of loading and unloading ramps
  • The animals are pushed, shoved and even beaten during the loading and unloading process
  • Pigs and hens offered for sale often have their legs tied together and forced to lay still on the ground

Ms. Greger and VSPCA also work to ban illegal transportation of animals as the means of transport are completely unsuitable for animals:

  • Goats and hens are transported with their legs tied to bicycles, scooters or trucks. 
  • Cows are transported in car rickshaws or in open trucks.

Even with the presence of strict laws, there is no one to foresee that the rules are being followed. Bribery is a huge issue in India, and we can see it play out in these scenarios as well. 

Growing the public’s genuine respect for Cattle is not an easy task. We thank Ms. Greger for her partnership with VSPCA for the sake of cattle and for her love and dedication to the welfare and protection of all animals, helping VSPCA get where it is today. 

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