Announcing a New Initiative from VSPCA!

Announcing a New Initiative from VSPCA!

We introduce to all our supporters, a new concept that VSPCA is experimenting with.  The Kurup Market Slum area is a place where several animals – dogs, cats, chickens, monkeys, and other birds like parrots, pigeons, and boars live in a kind of harmony that is unusual.  

VSPCA noticed this harmonious trend between the animals and people and has set up a feeding station in this area.  This is the beginning of our new experiment in emergent planning, to demonstrate human-nonhuman harmonious coexistence for city officials.  

Many animals come to the arranged food and water bowls and feed and drink from the same containers. And to our pleasant surprise, the residents of this area are at peace about this happening.  In fact, they encourage it!   

With this kind of harmony in play, VSPCA is working on developing more organic, “Human Animal Coexistence Spaces” across the city, where humans who love the biodiversity around them, encourage and invite all kinds of animals, and birds, reptiles, and insects back into their communities.  

At VSPCA, we are also taking initiatives to welcome all kinds of animals and birds back into our communities by planting more native trees in these spaces, where parrots and other animals like the mongoose and boar, who have been driven out of the city, can come and go.  

We realize that this idea may not evolve in spaces with strong binary or zero-sum-game feelings; but, is a great possibility in trans communities, slums, city’s periphery, farming, tribal and fishing communities. Most of these city’s residents understand animals well.  They encounter them, live with them, and are supported by animal communities. 

VSPCA pays heed to all humans who understand animals, in order to address biodiversity loss.  Biodiversity losses in tropically lush India are a local challenge but an impending global one as well.  As responsible citizens, we must all do our part in trying to understand these big challenges and think about our role in the solution.  

If you have any thoughts, concerns, ideas, or questions about this, please reach out to us on our social media accounts or email us! 

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