It Takes A Village to Engage in Conservation!

It Takes A Village to Engage in Conservation!

Nani is a local artisanal fisherman in Visakhapatnam. Recently while fishing, his net accidentally caught a beautiful Olive Ridley Turtle. Nani immediately recognized that this was an endangered species of turtle and released him back into the ocean. Nani is a friend of the VSPCA and gets along well with Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath. Due to VSPCA’s far-reaching education and awareness efforts, Nani understood the importance and value of sea turtles as a keystone species in this marine ecosystem. 

One of VSPCA’s main missions is to educate local communities and residents about the importance of a balanced ecosystem and how every individual of every species (human and nonhuman)  are important for the maintenance of the region’s biodiversity. Most of the residents in Visakhapatnam and many specific local communities know our team members at VSPCA and are in constant communication about conservation efforts. Nani is a good example of how  VSPCA influences fisher communities, whose members in turn have been engaging in their own conservation efforts.  

Our team at VSPCA takes the time and effort to personally know the local communities and not only teach them about biodiversity and conservation but also learn from them. VSPCA has a lot to learn from Nani about his efforts as an artisanal fisher and his traditional ecological knowledge. VSPCA will continue to create invaluable partnerships with the people we share the land with. 

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