What VSPCA is Doing to Help the Animals this Summer!

What VSPCA is Doing to Help the Animals this Summer!

With temperatures soaring in Visakhapatnam and a severe heatwave warning from 11 June to 17 June, VSPCA has been taking steps to ensure all animals residing in the shelters and outside have access to water and food during this summer. 

Our team members have found many dogs, cats, cows, and birds collapsed on the streets due to the intense heat, dehydration and exhaustion. They also observed several displaced cows as they were in search of cooler places and shaded areas. After making note of this, our team members discussed how to help these animals and split the tasks to lead these animals to shaded areas as well as provide them access to food and water

VSPCA opened its doors to all stray animals to come inside and rest under our trees for respite from the scorching sun beating down on them. Staff members arranged water for all the community dogs and cats and refilled them throughout the days. We lobbied the authorities to provide shade for abandoned calves, so now we have put a roof over the government shelter and have provided the cattle with plenty of water. 

Additionally, we have rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of abandoned calves and they are now situated in shaded spots. We have been working over the last few months to ensure that we are doing all that we can to help these animals during the summer season and we will continue to do so. We urge our readers, donors and well-wishers to do everything they can to be extra aware of animals struggling in the summer heat, and help them directly, or inform the organisations and the governments that can.  

Animals are residents of our communities too. They have always been in spaces we humans have occupied. As a society, it is our duty to come together to help animals who are unable to withstand the weather elements.  

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