Do you believe in rescue, shelter and love? Friends, VSPCA does! Not all animal advocacy groups use resources to shelter individual animals.

VSPCA is hard at work with:

  • our spay and neuter program;
  • advocacy of a vegetarian/vegan diet;
  • humane animal advocacy;
  • fighting court cases against illegal cow slaughter and pet shop abuse;
  • but on the top of our list is the rescue of distressed, abused and suffering animals.

All of these sweeties below will join our 1000 animals unless homes can be found.

Mangey pug

Before: Poor pug, found wandering around no doubt abandoned by his guardian due to his severe mange. While many in our area do love their dogs, there are unfortunately too many cases like this. After: His hair is just growing back and is this a little bit of a cute smile?

Poor kitten

Before: This poor kitten was dumped off wet, dirty, sick and bedraggled. VSPCA has one of the few good cat quarantines in India so we can treat and save this kitten. After: In safe hands at VSPCA!


Before: We named him Balighattam. Pradeep Nath rescued this part Pomerian dog from the road roaming aimlessly with a tight chain around his neck. Sorry for the graphic photo, it was necessary to show you his recovery. After: Fur just growing in. Our vets and shelter staff worked very hard to heal him.

Right now we are lucky that Dr. Bosmat Gal, our consultant vet, is on her working visit to VSPCA – once again sponsored by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Along with bringing vital supplies and expert advice she has filmed some short videos clips at our sanctuary – don’t miss these!

Newest cat shelter tour – your funds have built this wonderful refuge!

Incredible new duck pond – lucky ducks saved from terrible illegal slaughterhouse conditions.

Maria update – do you remember her story? – she is so happy running around in her new cart!

Oops! Our rescued horses are old and tired, so we thought the below could not happen, but it did!

New foal

This beautiful foal was just born a few days ago and along with Mom is doing just fine! Our horses and many other worthy animals desperately need your generous sponsorship and virtual adoption. All the horses and other animals look forward to more space – will you join us with any amount you can to help build our new Kindness Farm? VSPCA has been crowded with over 1000 animals into just a little over 2 acres for 14 years. We now have the new land but need your participation to develop it. Please read our last report for more info about the new Kindness Farm.

“It’s touching and inspiring to see so many animals of every kind being treated with such loving care and defended from abuse in a country where millions of humans still struggle with extreme poverty and want. All creatures deserve human kindness: that’s the message in word and deed of the VSPCA. It’s my privilege to be a monthly donor, because I know every dollar goes a long way toward elevating the relationship between human and animal in the state of Andhra Pradesh and beyond.”
– Syd Baumel, writer, Canada

Please consider making a one-time donation of any amount, or helping us monthly with a recurring donation.

We can only build this new vision of Kindness to show the world with the generous help of people like you!

Orphaned puppies sleeping at their safe new home at VSPCA.

A foster mother was brought to shelter 2 days after the puppies arrived.

The abandoned puppies getting some TLC and a bath.

Remember: October 1st is World Vegetarian Day; October 2nd is World Farm Animal Day and Gandhi’s birthday, and October 4th is World Animals Day.

With continuing heartfelt gratitude,
Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals

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