To all our friends and supporters:

Our dedication to the animals is strong, and our connection to all you compassionate people is always with us – especially at this poignant time of year.

Before we tell you what else we have been doing we must share one of our most urgent concerns.

Emergency Appeal

Read about our new matching fund for the cats, and help us realize our dream to save more cats lives. Kind donations of up to $11,000 will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous member and supporter. We must raise a total of $22,000 to build the new shelter.

VSPCA will never euthanize cats, but in our area of India there is no safe place for them on the streets, as people catch them to eat, or they are constantly threatened by dogs, snakes, monkeys, cars and other vehicles, and by people who don’t like cats (most Indians) who make their life hell. With every donation, we can rescue and spay/neuter more cats to guarantee their safety and happiness.

VSPCA Activities Update

Reminder: We post regularly to the VSPCA Facebook page – please check in with us there for ongoing updates. You do not have to be a Facebook member or even log in to view the page.

One of many recent VSPCA rescues.
Bharat was a street dog who was seriously injured and found on the roadside (below left). The VSPCA ambulance was called by a member of the public who is aware of our dedication and willingness to respond.


Here he is (above right) recovering at our shelter and doing great, playing a lot with the other dogs. VSPCA is there day and night to pick up injured animals. Without us they would suffer alone.

Left: Some of VSPCA’s 170 resident dogs. Right: New VSPCA ambulance – please help us buy petrol to run it!

Sea Turtle Protection Workshop
We recently held a workshop to educate the local authorities about the plight of sea turtles. The workshop was also covered in the Hindu Newspaper. VSPCA has been active with great success in the past 14 years to protect our region’s highly threatened sea turtles. Read more about all of our past and present work on the sea turtle issue.

Cobra Rescue Update
We’re celebrating another year of success, as we are happy to announce that there were no reported incidents of any cobra misuse brought into the city due to our education efforts during the Nagulachavithi festival. Read more about our cobra protection efforts.

Karmaveer Puraskar Awards
VSPCA Founder and President Pradeep Kumar Nath has won KARMAVEER PURASKAR achievement award for 2010, received on 26 November in Delhi. Through his efforts and tireless work, VSPCA has achieved much including stopping the brutal killings of street dogs, saving and protect cattle from illegal slaughterhouses, protecting and conserving endangered sea turtles and migratory birds, and starting the best shelter and protection to cats in our state. Read more about our awards.

Annual Report
Our yearly report for our fiscal year March 2009 – March 2010 is now online. Download it here.

Please remember VSPCA has 1083 (mostly large) animals that look to you for support. We wish we could receive government funds and we wish we had a cushion of money in the bank for our operating expenses, but instead, we must depend on you! We humbly thank our monthly subscribers, and anyone else who has sent in any donation of any amount, and the countless wonderful people who have made our sanctuary and shelter a refuge for these sweet and deserving animals from a harsh world.

With continuing heartfelt gratitude,
Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals

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