The Ignorant Literate

The Ignorant Literate

 Visakha steps in, takes action, brings result with a message!

A stray puppy was thrown out of a third-floor window of Vignan’s Institute of Engineering for Women recently in a callous act of cruelty.  It survived the fall. Visakha staff learned about the incident and stepped in, not just to care for the puppy, but importantly, to bring this case to the Police and the College. The perpetrator, Prof. K. Rajendra Prasad, taken to task, was made to write an apology letter and suspended from his teaching duties.  

A case was registered with the Police, with Visakha helping all involved understand that this should not be overlooked, nor tolerated, without proper consequences.   

We should never tolerate any cruelty towards children!   Even one child hurt, is one too much! 

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