Cruel use of Urban-Wild animals and Emu rescues

Cruel use of Urban-Wild animals and Emu rescues

Freeing the Python

The last time we saw this person, he managed to evade us.  We lost him in the by-lanes.  This time, our staff member followed him for a while.   We seized the python, in poor health, and later had to release this man who had been making money using the python.   Sadly, pythons undergo much abuse – in the display, street entertainment, and begging.   

Please donate so that we may grow our program to help both, the vulnerable people, and these beautiful snakes

Timely rescue of 83 Emus!

These Emus survived an onslaught by their erstwhile neglectful owner, who left them in an incubation center to starve and die.  We were able to bring 83 of them to our pen – thanks to a caring team at Visakha.    

We must deal with a growing number of rescues at the Society.   We need your help to ensure none abandoned are turned away.   

For donations please visit or also by Google pay vide SBI SB A/c 00000015619893, IFS Code SBIN0003060, MICR Code 530002008, CIF No.8048318894 or SBI SB A/c no. 1084 9854432, IFS Code SBIN0000754

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