One Lucky Crow and Wild Birds

One Lucky Crow and Wild Birds

Dr. Rajeshwar frees a crow in distress, from a glue sticker meant for rats!

There are many means to deter household pests that are neither lethal nor inhumane.  Glue boards, poisons, traps… intended for “pests,” are cruel. Such methods also kill other wild animals such as raptors, city birds, pollinators, and other living creatures, which help the ecosystems they live in. We never intended these to be targeted, but they suffer from cruel methods of trapping and killing.

Here is Dr. Rajeshwar carefully removing the glue from the wing of the crow in distress. The crow is recovering.

Visakha Sanctuary is in India. Please contact us at +91 73308 44751 or visit our website here to learn about non-lethal ways of deterring urban “pests.”

We ask that those of us in the USA to think about living with “Wild Neighbors.” Please check out the Humane Society of the US’ website, which shares good information about non-lethal means of deterring urban wildlife or, attracting them for the right reasons:

Thanks to Humane Society of the United States

Beautiful predators as pets

An eagle rescue; this time, from a domestic household.   Now safe at the shelter, being treated for a wing wound. 

Please support our program, where we engage with people educating them about the harm caused by assuming pet ownership of wild birds. 

For donations please visit or also by Google pay vide SBI SB A/c 00000015619893, IFS Code SBIN0003060, MICR Code 530002008, CIF No.8048318894 or SBI SB A/c no. 1084 9854432, IFS Code SBIN0000754

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