Kittens and cats rescue during corona crisis

Kittens and cats rescue during corona crisis

Our CPP Team has since seen more cat rescues than at any time before since the COVID Virus broke lose. Might be some kind of coincidence but the reality on the ground reflects the effects of rumors.

HERE are some more cute kittens rescued and protected by our Volunteer Vivek. As soon as the Curfew is relaxed hopefully will be shifted to our Kassiopea Cat House in our Kindness Farm.

Another cat case. Eyes bulging this cat was taken to our shelter for immediate care.

The Lucky ones!

These rescued ones have been duly adopted. They have gone into a wonderful home with all the special facilities. Vivek handled the issue well.

Our Cat Center Follows Rules as Social Distancing

Maintaining perfect Social Distancing the cats in our shelter sleep in peace. We look after more than 154 cats and we follow all the medical advices provided by our Partner org NetAP – Network for Animal Protection.

And we thus far rescued over 14 cats and kittens after Lockdown due to the advent of Corona virus.

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