OCTOBER 3, 2020 World Wildlife Week – Our Ocean

OCTOBER 3, 2020 World Wildlife Week – Our Ocean

The oceans cover 2/3rds of the earth.  At this scale, we might imagine there are more fish here than we need.  It’s quite likely humans thought this way for centuries.  Yet today we speak of an ocean without fish and a lot of plastic! 

Let’s think – How could we have let this happen??  

A Word from VSPCA’s Founder

Pradeep Kumar Nath has brought the sea turtle program to its 24th year!  

He debates that the beaches are natural formations and therefore, should be treated as natural parks or national parks. People should not be using these naturally pristine beach areas for entertainment, or as garbage dumps. 

VSPCA brings 3 important matters to the attention of citizens and authorities:

  1. Take undisputed measures to keep R.K. Beach safe and uninhabited/un-utilized by humans specifically during sea turtle nesting season – January, through March each year.
  1. Prior to their arrival, take steps preparing the beaches for turtle nesting.  This means ridding degraded turtles’ nesting grounds of sewage, pollution and chemicals.
  1. VSPCA needs authorities’ involvement & clout for biodiversity preservation along Vizag’s beaches during turtle season. The government needs to allocate suitable arrangements and resources covering 133 km of Vizag’s coastline with ‘ex-situ’ turtle-nesting hatcheries as seen in our report.  With VSPCA’s support and knowledge base, Visakhapatnam can become the key conservation site for the Olive ridley.

VSPCA’s Turtle Data from the Field for 2020:

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