The birds of Telenelipuram

The birds of Telenelipuram

Migratory birds projects is one of our successful stories and are very happy to see the result of our hard work.

We are extremely satisfied that the migratory birds and Indian birds during the winter season are continued to be protected from where we left them in the hands of the community and Andhra Pradesh Forest Department a few years ago. We fought hard to stop the hunting of these birds by investigations, patrolling, awareness building among the nearby villages and notifying the respective departments.

We began in 2000 and successfully implemented our mission to stop hunting and help the baby birds in distress.

Located in Tekkali of Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh, India, the place is on two villages and a feeding spot is spread over 500 acres. The place is also open to the beach where endangered sea turtles come for nestings.

We continue to maintain a vigil and help the birds in distress through our monitoring staff Mr Balu and are ready to step in when so required.

Meanwhile, our strategy remains that we do the awareness and plant relevant trees while monitoring the bird’s safe passage with their children to their native place.

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